Study: Convenience, Not Price, Limits Veggie Consumption

This morning, I came across an article by Fooducate that highlights a recent study published in Public Health Nutrition on the major factors that play a roll in people’s food purchases. A research paper published in Public Health Nutrition posits that price is less of a factor in deciding to buy vegetables and fruits. Rather, it’s the convenient access to … Continue reading Study: Convenience, Not Price, Limits Veggie Consumption

American Food Portions

Yesterday I was sent an interesting article, The Growth of American Food Portions, from JH that was posted on Visual News about America and our expanding waistlines. While I strongly believe that individuals are responsible for their own eating habits, the food industry is not helping in the least, with larger portion sizes of packaged foods … Continue reading American Food Portions


So. I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from my blog over the past month…or three, to figure out what direction this thesis thing is taking. A direction that I am happy to say I have finally figured out. Last semester, I was fortunate to be under the guidance of a great thesis advisor who … Continue reading MFA Thesis UPDATE